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Grodan och solen går ner i havet

Performance with Evelina Hartwig

Grodan och solen går ner i havet (The frog and the sun go down into the sea) is a fairytale-yoga performance I do together with Evelina Hartwig, children's yoga instructor (

The performance departures from Swedish artist Elsa Beskow's picture book Solägget (1932) and tells about Evelina's friend the frog, who on a summer's day leaves the forest and fresh water lake for a trip to the Swedish west coast. The frog takes a deep breath and dives into the salty water. It encounters a rush of bladder wrack, a seagull, a blue mussle and other marine life.

Evelina's story (in Swedish) addresses the participants body and mind. By borrowing movements and features from the characters in the story, we make different yoga-inspired postures together, taking several deep breaths and travel below the surface by imagination.

The performance is about 30 minutes long. The scenography consists of a sun circle of cloth, about 3 meters in diameter. I'm wearing a frog costume, Evelina and the participants wear regular clothes.

Grodan och solen går ner i hanvet
was performed at The ocean by sight & sound, Nordiska Akvarellmuseet, Skärhamn, Sweden, September 2017.