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newspaper, 16 pages, A3 format, 3500 ex

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Seaweedsbladet #1
belongs to the project The Inner Ocean – a multi-part project embracing the fact that I love to swim. The project's title refers to the fluid that encloses mature egg cells in all land-living animals. The liquid has the same salinity as the primal ocean once had – the sea where the first life once arose, several billion years ago.

In September 2017, 3500 items of Seaweedsbladet # 1 was distributed to all households in the residential area Seved in Malmö where I currently live and have my studio. All content and graphic design is made by myself but I pretend to be the editorial of a new local paper. Seaweedsbladet # 1 takes on various types of inner oceans, the geological history of Skåne, different passions, queer becoming, fertility and the porous boundaries of the self.

The second and third issues of Seaweedsbladet will be released 2020 with Sebastian Dahlqvist and Maria Westmar as guest editors.