Land of Silence and Darkness (with Christina Langert) borrows its title and main theme from the german director Werner Herzogs 1973 documentary. Herzhogs film depicts the life of Fini Straubinger — a deaf-blind old woman in sparkling vigour. In september 2009, Christina Langert and I bicycled 600 kilometers, from Skeppsholmen in Stockholm to Wanås Foundation in the Scanian village Knislinge. We were using a tandem designed for a disabled person with escort. In an attempt to imitate deaf-blindness, we took turns to foreclose ourselves from visual and auditory impressions. Our experiences from the trip — mileues, thoughts, struggles and the secluded contition we deliberately put ourselves in — became the starting point for an installation exhibited at Wanås Foundation.

The project was realized within En annan väg / Another Way, initiated by professor Ann-Sofi Sidén with Royal Art Academy in Stockholm and Wanås Foundation, 2009-2010.

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