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The Giant Water Lily Victoria amazonica BLOOMS
2-night performance with waterlily costume, female host, pineapple fragrance, pink posters

The video is from the first public blooming, June 8 and 9 2012, in a small municipal greenhouse in Kalmar, a middle sized city in Sweden where I lived until I was 19. The gardener and teacher Cecilia Kilbride hosted the event, realised in collaboration with Kalmar Konstmuseum / Art Line.

Later bloomings:

2012 Percival Space, Oslo, with Jana Förberg
2013Galleri Gerslesborg, Hamburgsund, with Ing-Marie Chirstensson
2013 Art Lab Gnesta, Gnesta with Monika Vlasak
2013 Stockholm Music & Arts Festival / Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm with Gunvor Larsson