Newspaper, 16 pages, A3 format, 3500 ex

Seaweedsbladet #1 is a local newspaper in Swedish and English that was distributed to all 3,000 households in the residential area Seved in southern Malmö where I at that time lived and had my studio. 

Seaweedsbladet looks at Seved in a light colored by posthumanism, popular science and questions about the social. The blocks of Seved are presented as a (marine) ecosystem, a place vulnerable to the influence of external forces such as the housing market and different weather phenomena. It isa place surrounded by porous boundaries with a constant flow of nutrition and life, where different life forms are interconnected in a fragile balance.

The second and third issues of Seaweedsbladet was released in 2020 with artists Sebastian Dahlqvist and Maria Westmar as guest editors.

Seaweedsbladet #1 belongs to The Inner Ocean – a multi-part project embracing the fact that I love to swim. The project’s title refers to the fluid that encloses mature egg cells in all land-living animals. The liquid has the same salinity as the primal ocean once had – the sea where the first life once arose, several billion years ago.