The Peacock’s Breath, 2022

Exhibition at Åstorps konsthall with Frida Peterson

The Peacock’s Breath was preceded by a residency arranged by the network Den platta jorden – for artistic explorations of Skåne. With a red cottage in Kvidinge as our temporary home, we encountered Åstorp’s municipality in a ‘funnel state of mind’. Similar to how a trawler opens its net to large bodies of water on course over the sea, we searched for something to grab hold of, or something that grabbed hold of us. The text Alla berg har en ande (All mountains have a spirit), written after the residency, elaborates on the difficulties of trying to catch something as elusive as a municipality or a breath.

Prior to the exhibition, we applied a method inspired by the Exquisite Corpse drawing game and in an ongoing conversation weekly shared what we had done in our respective studios, and gave feedback on the other’s work the following week. The fumbling that characterized our stay in Åstorp, where one thing led to the other, thus continued in the studio.

In the exhibition space, located within Åstorps’ public library, objects are installed directly on the floor or on chairs from the municipality’s culture house. In short videos available on the konsthalls digital platforms, things are taken apart, carried around or joined together in an ongoing formation and decay.

Frida and I got to know each other two years ago, but grew up on the same street in northern Kalmar. The residency in Åstorp and the exhibition The Peacock’s Breath is our first collaboration.

Text: Alla berg har en ande