Vilka är ni?, 2018

Theater performance with Maja Salomonsson for Ögonblicksteatern

Vilka är ni? (Who are you?) is a theater performance for all ages. The audience finds itself sitting face to face with six actors donned as animals and plants – a pike, a blowfly, a grass blade, a star flower, a wood mouse and a fir cone. Eventually they take off parts of their costumes and together with the audience try to understand who they all are. Who plays a role and who doesn’t? What does it mean to be something or someone?

“Are you awake at night or during the day? Can you fly? Can you swim? Do you sleep close to each other or on your own? Do you have a tail? Do you take care of those who are sick or do you leave them alone? What happens to you when you die? Are you afraid of being caught? Are you afraid of being left alone? Are you afraid of those you do not know? Are you dangerous to each other?

Vilka är ni? is 40 minutes long and was performed at schools in Umeå and Sundsvall (2018) and Weld, Stockholm as part of Choreographies of the Social, curated by Edi Muka / Statens konstråd (2019). It was selected for Bibu – Performing Arts Biennial for Children and Young (2020).

On stage: Stefan Andersson, Sara Gallardo, Karin Larson, Manour Salti, Johanna Sallander and Daniel Tholander
Concept, idea and script: Maja Salomonsson & Ingela Ihrman
Screenplay and director: Maja Salomonsson
Set design and costume: Ingela Ihrman
Composer: Anna Haglund