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Vilka är ni?
Theatrical performance (duration 40 minutes) for 6 actors
in collaboration with director Maja Salomonsson and Ögonblicksteatern, Umeå

Vilka är ni? (Who are you?) is an existential contemplation of humanity that explores roles, identities and expectations together with the audience. A group of human encounters six characters from the forest in an absurd and poetic performance (from 7 years).

What can we learn about ourselves by turning towards non-human-animals and plants? Who is gazing at who – in the forest as well as in the theater space? Who plays a role and who doesn't? And what happens when we are all waiting for something to begin?

VIlka är ni? was put up in Umeå and Sundsvall as school theatre performances for 8-year-old kids (2018) and in Stockholm as part of Coreographies of the Social, curated by Edi Muka / Statens konstråd (2019).

Stefan Andersson - shrew
Sara Gallardo - blowfly
Karin Larson - pike
Manour Salti - spruce cone
Johanna Sallander - blue grass
Daniel Tholander - arctic starflower

Oskar Salander - technician
Ingunn Grande - producer
Karin Ågren - costume
Anna Haglund - sound and coreography
Ingela Ihrman - script, costume
Maja Salomonsson - script, director
Agnes Florin - graphic design

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