Träskafton (The Holiday of the Swamp), 2015

performative celebration

Träskafton (The Holiday of the Swamp) is a new holiday created by Hägerstens Botaniska Trädgård (Johan Eriksson, Sam Hultin & Ingela Ihrman) during a residency at Art Lab Gnesta in June 2015. It functions as a complement or alternative to other, already existing holidays and can be celebrated upon request at any time – in crisis as well as in joy. The transience of life, a longing for kinship and the strong emotions of everyday life are at the core.

The holiday consist of a number of psalms, symbolic dishes and drinks, as well as texts to be chanted and rituals to perform – i.e. The Rain Ceremony with non water resistant mascara running, or the mandala like Fruit Circle Ritual. It functions as an opens source holiday and anyone is welcome to develop the existing material or add new elements to it.

Träskafton was celebrated at Art Lab Gnesta, in July and August 2015, and in Karlstad with Maretopia, July 2016.

Text (Swedish): Träskafton